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Is it Possible to Find Happy Life and Mindfulness?

Debunk the myth of constant happiness:” Bring mindfulness into your life and cultivate peace and well-being now!

Navigating Path to well-being: Debunking the Myth of Constant Happiness in Mental Health

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A constant ongoing myth exists around us about always being positive and happy. Many people assume that being happyevery day will tremendously impact your mental health and eventually lead them to happiness. But — is that even true? If so, why do we see numerous celebrities or influencers unhappy nowadays, though they are exposed to constant dopamine (a happy hormone)?

Defining Mental Health

Before we start, let’s define what mental health is. Is it something related to producing constant happy hormones or achieving one goal after another? Or some specific kind of relationship that will rescue people from their misery.

Common Misconceptions About Mental Health

It is considered that being happy is related to good mental health but happiness is an emotion just like sadness, grief, fear or anger. None of the emotion can stay forever, as we are human beings, and it’s essential to understand that a forever happy life is a myth and having peace is superior to that. 

The pursuit of happy life and its role in mental health

When discussing well-being and mental health many people believe that pursuing happiness might land them on a planet of peace. That’s why many people end up disappointing themselves after achieving a particular milestone. But in reality, it’s more about peace that one can find in life to stick. Peace contributes to a great well-being without any pressure of being happy.

The Myth of Constant Happiness

The pressure to be happy all the time

The internet revolution has created this fake aura around the globe of being happy everyday. Hold on the idea here for a while and imagine a tree. Does it bloom every day? Does it produce fruits every day? Or does it even stay green every day? The answer is NO! We are natural beings, which makes us go through phases of life. Instead of being influenced by social media’s norms, you must understand your own reality, challenges and opportunities available for you.

The drawbacks of pursuing constant happiness

  • Happiness keeps you stagnant in the fallacy of delusion. However, it’s suitable for a short period of time but after the hangover, people remain in a state of discomfort.
  • Constant pressure of benign happiness stops you from feeling other strong emotions like anger or sadness, which are equally crucial for your personal growth. 
  • When the honeymoon phase of happiness is over, a constant period of chasing happiness starts which has no end. 

Realistic expectations for emotional states

Along with feeling all the emotions, it’s also essential to observe and live with reality. However, it would help if you strived hard to change your circumstances leading you toward unhappiness, but at the same time, accepting both your existence and the constant fluctuation of your emotions are pretty necessary in this game. 

The Importance of Mindfulness

Exploring the concept of mindfulness

Mindfulness can be achieved by understanding your surroundings, if you are working to change your life for your betterment and feeling all the emotions – mindfulness elevates you one level above mediocrity and brings you out of the fantasy. Meditation, exposure to nature, a good stroll in sunlight and eating comfort food are all the gestures of mindfulness.

How mindfulness contributes to mental health

Mindfulness enables the brain to think clearly and takes you one step forward to make peace with your life. It also removes all kinds of myths that are the core reason for someone’s unhappiness.

The Role of Social Life

The impact of social connections on mental health

It would be unfair not to highlight the importance of forging social connections. A great social life instantaneously brings vibrant energy and makes life easier. However, choosing the right tribe that adds value in your life is highly essential and hanging out with them is necessary. Select your tribe carefully, as they are your representation and make your social lifeconvenient. 

Building and maintaining a supportive social network

Building a robust social support network for a longer period of time is a positive achievement. It is something that everybody must strive for as strong and abundant people open the door of opportunities in your social life and become the source of well-being.

The Bottom Line

The myth around constant happiness is obsolete now; however, living in the present moment and going through every emotion is a new norm of 2023. Striving to improve life through incorporating mindfulness into your life is highly recommendable. Achieving contentment and peace makes you happier than being happy all the time. 

A great social life not only uplifts your dull energy but also gives you a different lens of seeing happiness from another person’s lens. It also takes you out of your isolation and forge a superior well-being.


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